Why Gemstone Jewellery Makes The Perfect Valentines Gift

Jewellery is a perfect valentines gift – it’s personal and beautiful – one of life’s affordable little luxuries. 

Handcrafted jewellery is an extra special gift because the pieces are unique and there’s nothing like owning a piece of beautiful gemstone jewellery that no one else has. Women love feeling special!

Crystal heart, fluorite and metal bead necklace, valetines, gift, love, hearts, romantic, valentines day, gemstone necklace, gemstone jewelry, handmade jewellery, handcrafted

Buy now – only $18!

With that in mind, here’s a pretty romantic dreamy necklace designed and created by Big Skies Jewellery in honour of our friend, St Valentine.

Crystal heart, fluorite and metal bead necklace, valetines, gift, love, hearts, romantic, valentines day, gemstone necklace, gemstone jewelry, handmade jewellery, handcrafted

Buy now – only $18!

This gemstone necklace features a faceted clear crystal heart with natural inclusions and lovely green-blue hexagonal fluorite rondel beads.  The flower motif chain adds to the romantic vintage feel of the necklace.

Crystal heart, fluorite and metal bead necklace, valetines, gift, love, hearts, romantic, valentines day, gemstone necklace, gemstone jewelry, handmade jewellery, handcrafted

Buy now – only $18!

Regardless of what the occasion or who you are buying for, whether you’re looking to buy gifts for your mother, grandmother, daughter, a special friend or spouse, you can find something special for everyone at Big Skies Jewellery

 If you would like to discover and read about the history of St Valentine’s Day, click here.


Monochrome Madness or Magic?

As far handbags go this has to be one of the more outrageous! This Karl Lagerfeld hula-hoop creation from Chanel’s Spring 2013 collection is definitely what I would call a statement handbag. Chanel, hula-hoop bag, monochrome, fashion, trends, handbags, purses, accessories

Karl even includes instructions on how to use it during an interview on Chanel’s spring collection (he was probably getting fed up with being asked!) 

Chanel, hula-hoop bag, monochrome, fashion, trends, handbags, purses, accessories

Apparently, it’s a beach bag! Of course! Big enough for your towel and other beach essentials – and you can plonk it on the sand (Chanel, on sand?) and use it to hang things on! I dread to think what price this towel rack comes in at….?

Chanel, hula-hoop bag, monochrome, fashion, trends, handbags, purses, accessories, kral lagerfeld

I am partial to a bold bag, and monochrome gets my vote, but I think I may have to pass on this one. Not that I don’t think it is a lovely work of art!

On a smaller scale however…..I might be persuaded!

Chanel, hula-hoop bag, monochrome, fashion, trends, handbags, purses, accessories

Sun and Sand….Summer in a Necklace

Here is a little something that I am currently busy with: Double strand, handmade necklace, gemstone jewelry, jewelry trends, hancrafted, jewelry design, jewelley making

This necklace really reminds me of sun-kissed days and golden beaches.  The appropriately named sunstone beads have a lovely opaque iridescence which gently sparkles – taking me away to beaches shimmering in the sunslight.

Double strand, handmade necklace, gemstone jewelry, jewelry trends, hancrafted, jewelry design, jewelley making

Double strand, handmade necklace, gemstone jewelry, jewelry trends, hancrafted, jewelry design, jewelley making

It is still a work in progress; I haven’t quite finalised how I am going to finish it yet….I’m playing around with a couple of ideas.  The double strand design is a bit of a departure from my signature design format, but I am really pleased with the result so far.  Sometimes its good to set your path in a different direction!Double strand, handmade necklace, gemstone jewelry, jewelry trends, hancrafted, jewelry design, jewelley making

The colour scheme is also slightly more muted than the colours I often use, but I love the effect created by using different textured beads within the same tonal range. It’s subtle but still interesting and distinctive. I think I may be doing more of this…. 🙂

Double strand, handmade necklace, gemstone jewelry, jewelry trends, hancrafted, jewelry design, jewelley making

To me, this necklace is a whole lotta summer…. and who couldn’t do with a bit of that in their wardrobe?

This necklace will be ready for posting at the weekend.  For other gemstone necklaces and gemstone jewelley in my handcrafted range, visit my Etsy shop.

Try A New Perspective

I took this picture whilst on holiday last year in Europe. It is a view from the bottom of the leaning tower of Pisa, looking straight up the tower into the blue sky above. I love this photo; it reminds me that if we look at things from a different angle, sometimes something beautiful and unexpected can be found.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Travel, Creative Inspiration

(It does look a bit like a wedding cake though, doesn’t it…?)

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Have a wonderful Monday!


Largest Crystals in the World

The largest crystals known to man lie 300 metres below the earth’s surface in Chihuahua, Mexico. In 2000 miners at Naica mine accidentally discovered the spectacular Giant Crystal Cave. The sheer magnitude of these crystals is absolutely mind-blowing. The largest crystals are over 11 metres long and weigh 55 tons – man that’s big!

Giant Crystal Cave, Naica Mine, world's largest cyrstals, gemstones, cyrstals, extreme,

That orange cluster on the left of the picture……is a group people!

Sleeping Beauty

Perfect conditions combined and remained consistent for half a million years for these crystals to form and keep growing. During the process which lead to the accidental discovery of the cave, the conditions were altered so the crystals will not grow any further.

Giant Crystal Cave, Naica Mine Mexico, Gemstones, Extreme, Crystals, Caves,

A scale hard to comprehend….

As Dangerous as it is Beautiful

These beauties exist in one of the most extreme places on earth. The temperature inside the crystal cave is 50 degrees Celsius….. add on the 90% humidity level……and the result…….an air temperature that feels like a whopping 105 degrees Celsius!!!

Giant crystal cave, naica mine, mexico, crystals, largest in the world, extreme,beauty, gemstones

Watch your step!

Extreme Planet

Entry to crystal cave can only be done wearing specialised ice suits. Without these suits – you’d die within 15 minutes or so! Even with the suits, you only have about 45 minutes. The heat affects your higher level brain functioning – so there you are, rigged up like a spaceman, wandering around amongst sharp jagged crystals with a foggy brain! Not for the faint hearted!! The special suits also have refrigerated respirator backpacks to provided chilled air for the user to breath.

Giant crystal cave, naica mine, mexico, crystals, extreme, cool pic, inspiration

A spaceman came travelling…..

When the Naica mine is no longer profitable, it is likely that entry to the crystal cave will close and it will then disappear forever. How sad will that be?

It’s Shoe Time…

If shoes are your thing, or one of your things (they are most definitely one of mine!!), then check out this slideshow by Fabsugar, showing over 450 fabulous feet from the Spring 2013 runways in NYC, London, Milan & Paris: Best in Shoe

Fabsugar's shoes


Busy, busy, busy….!

Just thought I would quickly share my new stock of gemstone beads that arrived today (thanks to my husband for collecting them from my supplier for me 🙂 ) 

What a lovely sight! Lots of different colours, shapes and textures.  I am especially looking forward to working with the lovely big AAA grade red coral sticks.

New stock of beads, beads, beading, gemstones, coral, howlite, mookaite, imperial jasper, jewellery making,

If you are not a beader, you may not see what I see……but all of us out there who make gemstone jewellery, we see limitless beautiful possibities…..and hours of fun!

It’s going to be a busy weekend!

Just Because It’s Friday…

A cool picture to make you smile…….just because hey it’s Friday!

This week: Sky Wave in Costa Rica

Skywave in Costa rica

Awesome isn’t it? Please share and help brighten up someone else’s day!

Discover the Power of Black – with Gemstone Jewellery

Stop and think about all the ways negativity can hold you back. Wouldn’t you rather be filled with positive energy? Think of what can be achieved with a positive frame of mind and a positive outlook.

Negative energy

Did you know that you can use gemstone jewellery to help you achieve this? Two gemstones which have particular power in defending you against negativity and dispelling negative energy are black tourmaline and black onyx.

different sized black onyx strings, black onyx beads, beads, handmade jewellery, beading, jewelry

Black Onyx Bead Strings

Discover the power of black gemstones….

Black Tourmaline / Schorl

Black Tourmaline crystal is a powerful gemstone for protection against negative energy of all kinds, and it will protect the wearer. It is a very good gemstone to wear when you’re experiencing any kind of stress – and who of us is not stressed!?!

Black tourmaline bead, beads, beading, gemstones, gemstone jewelry, handmade jewellery, jewelry making

Black Tourmaline Facet Cut Bead

Regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in, black tourmaline will help you create a positive attitude and mindset. It will be a positive force for good in your life. Emotionally, black tourmaline is excellent for bringing stability.

Black tourmaline, natural pyrite and carnelian necklace, gemstones, gemstone jewellery, handcrafted necklace, black tourmaline, handmade jewelry

Black Tourmaline, Pyrite and Carnelian Necklace

Rub black tourmaline for luck and happiness. This is a powerful stone and a very lucky stone. When the tourmaline is rubbed it becomes charged with magnetic electricity and the luck intensifies.

Black tourmaline, gemstones, beads, beading, gemstone jewelry, jewellery making, handmade jewellery, black

Rough Black Tourmaline


Onyx is strongly associated with protection, and can be used to deflect or absorb the negative energy of others. It is a good gemstone for protection from negative forces and influences, and will defend you against negativity directed towards you.

Onyx and lemon jade necklace, handmade jewellery, gemstone jewelry, gemstones, black onyx, beads, beading, bead necklace,

Black Onyx Tooth and Lemon Jade Necklace

Onyx is used to assist in letting go of a specific person, place or thing – it helps people overcome emotional upheavals associated with change, and helps lessen emotional intensity.

Onyx and gunmetal rhinestone beads, gemstone necklace, handcrafted jewellery, jewelry, onyx, beads, beading, gemstones

Black Onyx and Gunmetal Rhinestone Bead Necklace

It is also considered to be a strong “grounding” stone, helping you focus your thoughts and concentrate on specific tasks.

Have a look at the gemstone jewellery in the Big Skies Jewellery Etsy shop, which lists the gemstone necklaces featured here and many other beautiful gemstone pieces. Gemstones not only add visual beauty to your life through jewellery, their hidden properties and powers can also help you out, in so many other weird and wonderful ways – I will be exploring these uses in future posts.

no negativity

Say no to negativity with some black gemstone jewellery – and look fabulous in the process!




Keep it Clean!

The spring 2013 fashion season is approaching fast and a major trend is popping up in the jewellery scene – chunky silver settings and turquoise stones – southwestern elements are big in jewellery this spring.

Turquoise and Peach Quartz Necklace

I love turquoise, so I couldn’t be happier! I have a section dedicated to turquoise in my Etsy shop and have blogged previously about turquoise and why we love it.

A turquoise necklace may be just thing to get your collection started….

Southwestern necklace, jewellery trend, spring 2013, turquoise necklace, handcrafted necklace, gesmtone necklace

Turquoise and Agate South-Western Gemstone Necklace

or maybe you’re more of a bracelet kind of girl….

Turquoise, silver and diamante bracelet with heart toggle clasp, turquoise and silver bracelet, gemstone bracelet, gemstone jewellery, trends, spring 2013, fashion, south-western

Turquoise and Silver Chunky Gemstone Bracelet

Whatever your thing, you need to know how to look after your new south-western-inspired jewellery – after all, you want to keep it looking as good you do! You may not know that turquoise is a soft, porous stone which requires different cleaning procedures than its frequent partner, silver. Since it is such a soft stone, traditional silver polishes may scratch or damage the stone.

How to Keep your Spring 2013 South-Western Inspired Jewellery Looking as Good as You!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Silver polishing cloth
  • Gentle dish liquid
  • Soft toothbrush

Triple strand turquoise necklace, spring 2013, jewellery trends, south-western, turquoise, gemstone necklace, handcrafted necklace


  1. If your turquoise jewellery contains silver, clean the silver part of jewelry with a dry silver polishing cloth. If your silver polishing cloth is permeated with cleaning agents, do not let it come into contact with the turquoise as it will damage the lustre of the stone.
  2. Apply a cotton swab with diluted dish liquid to heavily tarnished silver. Remove any dish liquid residue by wiping the silver with a soft, damp cloth (luke-warm tap water only).
  3. To clean the turquoise, scrub gently with a soft toothbrush and luke-warm tap water. Do not scrub too vigorously. Never soak turquoise in water or jewellery cleaner as it can become unstable due to its porousness.
  4. Dry the jewellery with a separate, soft, absorbent cloth. Air dry out of direct sunlight for several hours before storing.

Store the clean and dry silver and turquoise jewellery in an air-tight, resealable bag. Place the bag in a jewellery box.

Turquoise and silver bracelet, handcrafted jewelry, turquoise bracelet, south-western, jewellery trends, spring 2013, gemstone jewellery, bracelet