Why We LOVE Turquoise

Turquoise Necklace Handmade Handcrafted Bead
The main reason we love turquoise is because it looks amazing!  But, turquoise is also said to attract money, success and love. Its powers include protection, healing, luck, friendship, and courage. It also relaxes the mind, and eases mental tension.  So let’s be honest, what is there not to love about turquoise? 
Turquoise is indigenous to the Americas, Egypt, Iran, Tibet and China.  Other names for turquoise include the “fallen skystone” and the “gem of the centuries”.
Turquoise Earrings Handmade Handcrafted Bead
Turquoise ranges in colour from sky-blue (the most popular colour) to blue-green to apple-green (the rarest colour).

If you wear turquoise it should not be exposed to oil, cosmetics and household chemicals – always remove turquoise rings when washing your hands as its colour may not remain stable and it is a fairly soft stone.


Turquoise Necklace Handmade Handcrafted Beaded


If you are born in December, lucky you as turquoise is the Jeweller’s birthstone for December.  It is also the gemstone for the 11th year of marriage.
Turquoise is ever popular.  In the United States it is mostly utilised in silver settings, per the Indian Jewellery fashion trend.  In the Middle East it is commonly set in gold, sometimes with diamonds.  Whatever the style, turquoise always looks amazing.

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