Largest Crystals in the World

The largest crystals known to man lie 300 metres below the earth’s surface in Chihuahua, Mexico. In 2000 miners at Naica mine accidentally discovered the spectacular Giant Crystal Cave. The sheer magnitude of these crystals is absolutely mind-blowing. The largest crystals are over 11 metres long and weigh 55 tons – man that’s big!

Giant Crystal Cave, Naica Mine, world's largest cyrstals, gemstones, cyrstals, extreme,

That orange cluster on the left of the picture……is a group people!

Sleeping Beauty

Perfect conditions combined and remained consistent for half a million years for these crystals to form and keep growing. During the process which lead to the accidental discovery of the cave, the conditions were altered so the crystals will not grow any further.

Giant Crystal Cave, Naica Mine Mexico, Gemstones, Extreme, Crystals, Caves,

A scale hard to comprehend….

As Dangerous as it is Beautiful

These beauties exist in one of the most extreme places on earth. The temperature inside the crystal cave is 50 degrees Celsius….. add on the 90% humidity level……and the result…….an air temperature that feels like a whopping 105 degrees Celsius!!!

Giant crystal cave, naica mine, mexico, crystals, largest in the world, extreme,beauty, gemstones

Watch your step!

Extreme Planet

Entry to crystal cave can only be done wearing specialised ice suits. Without these suits – you’d die within 15 minutes or so! Even with the suits, you only have about 45 minutes. The heat affects your higher level brain functioning – so there you are, rigged up like a spaceman, wandering around amongst sharp jagged crystals with a foggy brain! Not for the faint hearted!! The special suits also have refrigerated respirator backpacks to provided chilled air for the user to breath.

Giant crystal cave, naica mine, mexico, crystals, extreme, cool pic, inspiration

A spaceman came travelling…..

When the Naica mine is no longer profitable, it is likely that entry to the crystal cave will close and it will then disappear forever. How sad will that be?

10 thoughts on “Largest Crystals in the World

  1. Wow this is amazing! I have never seen anything like it, and it sounds so freaking hot! Can anyone visit this…we are going to Mexico this year…..

      • Isn’t it awesome? From what I saw on the web, its a mission to get down there – I don’t think they exaclty encourage visitors! It’s a shame as I sure they are plenty of people, including myself, who would love a chance to witness this natural wonder.

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