Hi, my name is Tracy and my passion in life is making handmade beaded jewellery, predominantly using gemstones. I absolutely love working with gemstones – I love looking at them (no two are ever the same), I love the way they feel and I love wearing them.

I have always been fascinated with the beautiful elements that nature produces. I have collected shells and stones for as long as I can remember. Nature is the greatest artist!

My love of stones gradually turned into jewellery making as a hobby over a  period of a couple of years.  I could not often find the type of jewellery that I liked to wear, and then when I did I find it I always thought, I could do this.  So one day I did – I bought the basics, some beautiful beads and have never looked back. 

What a fantastic creative outlet jewellery making is – and at the end of it, a stunning piece to wear!  Talk about win-win 🙂  Jewellery making uses many techniques and has endless styles, colours, combinations and materials to experiment with – it is impossible to get bored, which suits my nature perfectly!

I like to make jewellery that expresses a woman’s individuality and compliments her personality.  The gemstone jewellery I wear and make is chic, elegant, and distinctive. I like it to say something about the person wearing it – that they are confident and comfortable with who and what they are.

I grew up in England, in a small village called Brancaster in Norfolk. I now live in Johannesburg, South Africa, an exciting and vibrant place to call home.  I love life, travel, my husband, my cats, food, friends, photography, white wine, a sense of humour and of course jewellery (not necessarily in that order!).

Big Skies jewellery has a Facebook page, which gets updated daily with pics, links, info, funnies, sneak peaks and  behind the scenes looks: http://www.facebook.com/BigSkiesJewellery

You can also follow Big Skies Jewellery on Twitter: @BigSkiesJewel

I hope you enjoy what you have found here – it certainly gives me great joy to share my passion.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tracy, I stumbled across your site in my endless search for a necklace for my wedding day. Thank goodness! Because I fell madly in love with your Triple Strand Green Imperial Jasper and Silver Statement Necklace. Please let me know how I can purchase this gorgeous piece.
    Thanks so much!

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