Busy, busy, busy….!

Just thought I would quickly share my new stock of gemstone beads that arrived today (thanks to my husband for collecting them from my supplier for me 🙂 ) 

What a lovely sight! Lots of different colours, shapes and textures.  I am especially looking forward to working with the lovely big AAA grade red coral sticks.

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If you are not a beader, you may not see what I see……but all of us out there who make gemstone jewellery, we see limitless beautiful possibities…..and hours of fun!

It’s going to be a busy weekend!

13 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy….!

    • Thanks Cath! I know exactly what I want to do with the coral disc string – I have a very particular bracelet in mind. The coral sticks however are a different story, so many different ideas to experiment with – but whatever turns out, it’s going to be big and bold!! Tracy

      • I’m sure it will be – it’s a very vibrant colour! One of my favourites though! Have to start thinking of ordering some new beads in, you get fed up of looking at the same ones over again don’t you?

      • Yes you do, new stock definitely brings new inspiration….and that is how my bead stock just keeps growing and growing! There’s always lovely new beads out there that I have to have- its an addiction!

  1. They do look lovely like this don’t they! I have used most of these bead strings now, but the red coral sticks are still untouched as yet…..waiting for the perfect design. It’ll come to me!!

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