Life in Africa…..

Most of the time I have to gently inform people that even though we live in Africa, we do not have wild animals roaming the streets. Johannesburg is a first world city.

Johannesburg city skyline, joburg

Johannesburg City Skyline

I may however have to take this back….a Brown Hyena has just been found in a well-populated Johannesburg suburb just up the road from where I live!!

This is what a Brown Hyena looks like Рthey stand over a metre high and weigh about 40 kg.  I have seen them in the Kruger Park, and they are quite scary!

Brown hyena, hyena, african wildlife

Hello Gorgeous! Brown Hyena

Happily, especially for the Hyena’s sake, she has been darted by the FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and safely repatriated to Johannesburg Zoo.

hyena caught on camera, briown hyena in johannesburg,

Caught in Action! African wildlife and city life meet up!

As the local like to say here, Africa is not for sissies!! ūüôā


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Rainbow Jewellery Design Inspiration (in the Rainbow Nation)

Did you know there are several different types of rainbow? Nope? Nor did I ‚Äď or at least, not¬†as many as 10 different types!

Rainbow Photo taken from my balcony at home, close-up of a rainbow

Rainbow photo taken from my patio at home – we get a lot of rainbows in Johannesburg, due to very sudden downpours on sunny days, but they are not normally as close as this – I almost felt I could touch this one!

Check out the beautiful rainbow pictures in this article and the descriptions of the different types of rainbow:  10 Beautiful Types of Rainbows   (I initially saw this article in a Tweet by Ana Benedicta Рso big thanks to her for sharing.)  

Jewellery Design Inspiration

As always inspiration from nature gets incorporated into my jewellery designs.

Rainbow Multi Gemstone Chunky Statement Necklace, Handcrafted Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Rainbow Multi Gemstone Chunky Statement Necklace by Big Skies Jewellery, Handcrafted Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Rainbow Multi Gemstone Chunky Statement Necklace by Big Skies Jewellery  (only $23 + P&P)

This gemstone necklace includes turquoise, citrine, rose quartz, aventurine, black tourmaline, howlite, amethyst, carnelian, crystal, quartz, snowflake obsidian, agate and labradorite Рevery gemstone under the rainbow!!

Rainbow Multi Gemstone Chunky Statement Necklace by Big Skies Jewellery, handcrafted gemstone beaded necklace

Rainbow Photo taken from my balcony, double rainbow photo Johannesburg south africa

Double Rainbow Photo – Johannesburg, South Africa

You can just make out the secondary rainbow to the left of the primary one¬†if you look very closely….this is known as a double rainbow.





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