Learn About Gemstones – Solar Quartz

Ever wondered what a cross-section through a stalactite would look like?  Well then… let me introduce you to Solar Quartz.  Solar Quartz is ordinary agatized quartz that is cut from stalactites in lucid, pale or grey, as well as with mossy inclusions – it is a quartz stalactite that has been sliced crossways into discs.  I think they look like beautiful crystal flowers.

Bluish Green Solar Quartz Cabachon, solar quartz, stalactite, cyrstal, dyed solar quartz

Solar Quartz, like agate, is often dyed vivid colors – natural Solar Quartz does not have electric coloring.  All the photos in this post have been reproduced with the kind permission of Inspire GemandCrystal, which is full of beautiful and unique stones and findings – please check our their lovely shop.

Amethyst stalactite slice, solar quartz, amethyst solar quartz, amazing colour amethyst stalactite

As with all quartz, solar quartz is an energy enhancer – connecting to both spirit and harmony. Solar Quartz is said to bring emotional strength and upliftment, with great power and energy. Solar Quartz also has all the properties of clear quartz and is protective, purifying on spiritual, mental and physical levels.

White solar quartz with moss green inclusions, solar quartz, inspire GemandCrystal, stalactite crystals, stalactite matched pair

Quartz is possibly the most flexible, multi-purpose curative stone – it increases power and healing, pulls out and transports energy as well as increases natural crystals within the body’s fluid and tissues in order to reverberate new healing frequency.