Make it a Double…….or even a Triple!

No I haven’t hit the gin……yet……I am actually talking multi-strand gemstone necklaces.  Often I am a ‘less is more’ advocate, but every now and then I veer towards ‘more’ also being more!!

Two recent creations include this double-strand blue and white striped agate statement necklace.

Blue Agate Double Strand Necklace, blue and white striped agate necklace, double stand bib necklace, blue statement necklace, handmade necklace, handcrafted gemstone necklace,

Statement Necklace of Blue and White Striped Agate in a Double-Strand Bib Design – created by Big Skies Jewellery

I am totally in love with the agate beads in this necklace.  I have used them previously and when I saw them again at the bead shop recently, I snapped them up.

Blue and White Striped Agate beads, blue gemstone beads, blue beads, agate beads, marquise beads

Gorgeous Blue and White Striped Agate Beads

My other creation was this blue imperial jasper triple strand statement necklace:

Blue Imperial Jasper Triple Strand Necklace, blue statement necklace, chunky gemstone necklace, blue necklace, imperial jasper necklace, handmade necklace, handcrafted gemstone necklace

Chunky Gemstone Necklace with a Triple Strand of Blue Imperial Jasper Beads – created by Big Skies Jewellery

The beautiful abstract patterns that nature paints on jasper are amazing; each stone is unique and beautiful.

Blue Imperial Jasper Triple Strand Necklace, blue imperial jasper beads, jasper, blue gemstones,

Bright Blue Imperial Jasper Beads

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14 thoughts on “Make it a Double…….or even a Triple!

  1. Magnificent. How I love blues… I was thinking about Jasper today because my sister told me she met a little boy called Jasper. I was wondering if he wore a Jasper bead necklace as some little boys do these days. Rather a random thought 😉 😀

    • Thank you. Nothing wrong with random thoughts… 🙂 I had a beautiful black and white cat called Jasper, named long before I started making jewellery. I think the name Jasper is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Its funny about blue – I would never say my favourite colour is blue, but somehow I seem to use more blue in my jewellery than any other colour, so I must be subconsciously drawn to it!

  2. Hope you’ve managed to have a gin by now! Well it is Friday… stunning necklaces, I love the blue agate, and want to play with the stones in my hand they look so smooth and cooling. Do you use a light box to photograph your jewellery? You show them off very well.

    • 🙂 Thanks Cath. The blue agate does just beg to be touched doesn’t it – the stones are so smooth and glossy, you almost can’t help yourself. I don’t use a lightbox, although I have considered trying to make one(!). I take my photos outside on my back porch in natural indirect light. Do you take yours indoors?

      • Wow, amazing photos for outside without too many shadows or glare, well done. I take mine on a windowsill and then edit them. Unfortunately, living in an apartment you can’t just ‘pop’ outside and wouldn’t really want my neighbours to be watching me anyway! I made a lightbox once, but I only got as far as cutting the sides and never lined it and it ended up being a cat toy! There’s a post about it somewhere…

      • Thanks! Our back porch is not in direct sunlight and I take the pictures mid to late afternoon to avoid any glare. I use Microsoft Photo Editor to tone up the colours a little if they are too dark. I would be scared of losing a piece off the balcony if I lived in an apartment! I’ll have to look up your light box / cat toy post – most things in our seem to be, one way or another, cat toys 🙂

      • Same, I just caught my cat trashing my freshly started knitting on the bed! I use to edit as I find it easy and quick even though it may not be as professional as some other editors (I’m lazy!). Yours are great…

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