Paws for Thought!

I love it when my cats ‘help’ me when I am taking product photos……it always makes the session go so much easier and quicker……..not!

Lending a helping paw, product photos gone wrong, cats helping out, funny cats,

Trying to photograph a triple strand Imperial Jasper necklace…and having to ‘paws’ whilst ‘someone’ tries to get in on the action!

Meet the guilty party (or should that be paw-ty)….looking I have to say, a bit guilty!

The guilty party, disco-cat, cat, beautiful cats eyes, domestic cat,

Disco-cat looking beautiful, if a little guilty!

This is Disco-cat, who was abandoned at a cattery at a young age, due to to teenage pregnancy!  We adopted Disco-cat after she had been living at the cattery for over a year, waiting for a good home.

Disco-cat loves beads so much she even eats them if I am not watching carefully!!


16 thoughts on “Paws for Thought!

  1. That is awesome lol! I think you should use that photo! It’s kind of like she’s saying to your customers “pick this one!”

  2. Finally got to see Disco-cat and she is beautiful like I imagined. I have lots of jewellery photos with different parts of my cat interrupting in the photo library, I’d never publish them on Etsy but I’m reluctant to delete them too!

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