Two More Tiger Eyes in My Collection!

Followers of this blog will know that I love working with the gemstone Tiger’s Eye.

Recently I made two exciting new Tiger Eye additions to my gemstone bead stash – faceted Red Tiger’s Eye and some rare Blue Tiger’s Eye.

Faceted Red Tiger Eye Beads, tiger eye bead string, red tiger eye, tiger eye beads, faceted tiger eye

Faceted Red Tiger Eye Beads

Because Tiger Eye is such a naturally beautiful gemstone, I favour simple designs that let the gemstones speak for themselves.

I combined the red faceted beads with a single square Hill Tribe brushed silver focal bead to make up this modern, urban stretch bracelet.

Red Tiger's Eye and Hilltribe Silver Stretch Bracelet, urban bracelet, modern bracelet, red tiger eye bracelet, faceted red tiger eye, tiger eye bracelet, gemstone bracelet, handmade bracelet

Faceted Red Tiger Eye and Hill Tribe Silver Modern Stretch Bracelet – $45 from Big Skies Jewellery

This bracelet is available in my Etsy shop.

The Blue Tiger’s Eye beads I bought were stunning large smooth ovals.  I can honestly say I have never seen Blue Tiger Eye beads of this quality or size before.  The blue chatoyant striations in them are almost mesmerising!

Blue Tiger Eye Beads, blue tiger's eye, tiger's eye bead string, tiger eye beads,

Blue Tiger Eye Beads

I again kept the design simple, just adding 4mm faceted genuine sapphire accents and tiny patterned silver tone spacer beads to make up a simple elegant necklace.

Blue Tiger's Eye Necklace, Blue tiger eye and sapphire gemstone necklace, handmade necklace, gemstone necklace, blue tiger eye necklace,

Blue Tiger Eye and Sapphire Gemstone Necklace – designed and created by Big Skies Jewellery

This necklace actually sold on my website last night, and is heading off to California today.

Tiger Eye must have been in the air this weekend – as I also sold these two Tiger Eye pieces as well.

Tigers Eye Chunky Statement Necklace, tiger eye necklace, chunky gemstone necklace, handmade necklace, handcrafted gemstone necklace,

Chunky Tiger Eye Statement Necklace – designed and created by Big Skies Jewellery

Tree of Life colour block bracelet, tiger eye bracelet, turquoise howlite bracelet, tree of life charm braclet, tiger eye and turquoise bracelet, nature bracelet, handmade bracelet, stretch gemstone bracelet

Tiger Eye and Turquoise Howlite ‘Tree of Life’ Charm Stretch Bracelet – designed and created by Big Skies Jewellery

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3 thoughts on “Two More Tiger Eyes in My Collection!

  1. Lovely pieces and wonderful that some are on their way to new homes. The tiger eye and turquoise bracelet is the one I “liked” on Etsy; it was my favourite.

    • I am very happy that some of these pieces are on their way to new homes, where hopefully they will be cherished (I get quite emotionally attached to my jewellery!!). Thank you for liking my bracelet on Etsy 🙂 If I have enough beads at home I think I might ‘renew’ that one as it has been quite popular.

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