What is Black and White and Stylish All Over?

Here is a selection of some of the smaller gemstone beads that I have added to my bead stash and have been working with recently.

Gemstone bead strings, blue imperial jasper, snowflake obsidian, onyx, mother of pearl, zebra stone, goldstone, chrysocolla, red tigers eye, gemstones, bead strings,

Gemstone bead strings – part of Big Skies Jewellery bead inventory!

For those that like to know the names of the stones – from the left we have blue imperial jasper, snowflake obsidian, faceted black onyx, gold mother of pearl, faceted zebra stone, goldstone, chrysocolla and red tiger’s eye.  The stone I would like to talk about  today is Zebra Stone.

Zebra Stone, faceted rectangular zebra stone beads, gemstone beads, black and white stone, black and white gemstones,

Zebra Stone bead string – faceted rectangles

Zebra Stone, as the name implies, is half-black and half-white with a metrical pattern  similar to that of its animal namesake, the zebra.


Zebra (picture taken at the Kruger Park, South Africa)

This striking and unusual stone is all about balance. Like the yin/yang of Chinese philosophy, Zebra Stone possesses balanced qualities of opposing, yet complimentary, forces – it is said to help us quieten the mind and take action.

By themselves the Zebra stone beads are actually quite dainty, but I wanted to use them all together to create something more powerful.  I chose a triple-strand necklace design, where each strand is clearly defined and the beads can lie flat, showing off their natural beauty to its full potential.

Zebra stone triple strand necklace, black and white gemstone necklace, zebra stone necklace, monochrome necklace, triple strand necklace,

Zebra Stone Triple Strand Necklace $85 from Big Skies Jewellery

Monochrome is on trend for 2013, and every woman needs a good black and white necklace in her jewellery box.  This necklace has been specifically designed with versatility in mind.  The length is adjustable so you can wear it high under a blouse or with a summer top, but you can also wear it longer over a polo neck or turtle neck top in winter.

zebra stone necklace, triple strand gemstone necklace, black and white necklace, black and white gemstones, monochrome beaded necklace, gemstone jewelry, handmade necklace, gemstone necklace

Zebra Stone Triple Strand Necklace $85 from Big Skies Jewellery

For more gemstone necklaces, bracelets and earrings, please browse through the Big Skies Jewellery Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/bigskiesjewellery

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6 thoughts on “What is Black and White and Stylish All Over?

    • I love this stone – but then, I am a big fan of black and white! Making a necklace adjustable like this just means you can get so much more mileage out of it, and I am all for hard working jewellery 🙂

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