Back to the Beading Table….

At the beginning of June I went to Cape Town on a bead buying trip.  Well, actually it was a trip to attend my husband’s army reunion, but it combined very nicely geographically with two of my favourite beads shops!

Raw Amethyst Crystals, amethyst bead string, amethyst fingers, Purple gemstones, amethys gemstones

Beautiful Raw Amethyst Crystal bead string – new inventory at Big Skies Jewellery

I then went straight to England to celebrate my Mum’s 70th birthday, so all my new gemstone goodies had to wait in their packets another couple of weeks before I could get my eager hands on them.

Labradorite spikes, labradorite beadstring, labradorite fingers, labradorite beads

Lovely Labradorite Spikes – new inventory at Big Skies Jewellery, and one of my favourite gemstones to work with

Since I have returned home, there has been a flurry of activity at my beading table, so I have much to share in the next couple of weeks.  Included today are just a few photos of the lovely gemstone bead strings I have been working with recently.

Fluorite diamond shaped gemstone beads, fluorite crystals, pale green fluorite, fluorite beadstrin,

Pale Green / Aqua Fluorite Crystals – new inventory at Big Skies Jewellery (the diamond shape is their natural crystalline shape!)

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