Rock Shopping at Rockchic

On Saturday I spent a very happy hour in my favourite rock shop, Rockchic in Hout Bay, Cape Town.  The owners were kind enough to let me take some photos to share with you.

Earrings and jewellery at Rockchic, handmade jewellery, rockchic hout bay, crystals

Crystal shelf at Rockchic, crystals, rockchic hout bay, rock shop, gemstones

Crystals at Rockchic, cyrstals, rockchic hout bay, rock shop, gemstones

ready made jewellery by rockchic, exclusive gemstone jewellery, rockchic in Hout bay, cape town, gemstones

The shop is split into two – one half for their crystals and exclusive handmade gemstone jewellery and the other half for their gemstone beads.

Beadstrings at Rockchic, gemstone beadstrings at rockchic in hout bay, gemstones, beads

Bead boxes at rockchic, loose beads at rockchic in hout bay, cape town, gemstones, gems, gemstone beadsAmethyst and fluorite beadstrings, gemstone beadstrings, gems, rockchic hout bay, cape town, gems



Rockchic has the most amazing selection of gemstone bead strings and loose beads and pendants.  I shopped til I dropped – straight into the Woodcutters Arms which had conveniently opened up right next door, much to my husband’s delight!!  Talk about win-win 🙂

I shall be posting pictures of the lovely gems that found their way into my shopping basket, and the resulting new jewellery pieces over the next few weeks.

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10 thoughts on “Rock Shopping at Rockchic

  1. I love a good bead shop! Do you ever buy the crystals? Do you believe in their power? It reminds me of some of the shops I’ve seen here selling jade and other precious stones, maybe I should venture in but the staff always look so stern and assume you are a tourist so I’m not sure I would get a fair deal! Cath

    • I do have some crystals which I have bought, I just love looking at them – and I find them very calming. When I make necklaces I do look up the properties of the stones incorporated and think about them as I make the piece.

      I think you should definitely take the step and venture in past those stern looking shop staff, you could practice your negotiation skills and show them you are no tourist!!

      • Your necklaces are stunning and it’s a bonus to know that what you are wearing can benefit you in some way – I like it!

        Yes, maybe when I’m feeling bolder I’ll have a nosey around the stone shops, I’ll let you know the outcome!

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