Just Because It’s Friday Photo…..

This week’s Friday Photo brings us back to Africa and Etosha Game Reserve in Namibia.  This photo is of a male Kudu – he is so magnificent, check out those ears and horns!  I think this photo gives you an idea of how well these animals can blend into the African bush.

So here it is, a cool picture to make you smile…….just because hey, it’s Friday!

This week: Male Kudu– Etosha, Namibia.

Male Kudu, etosha, namibia, gazelle, buck, deer, game reserve, wildlife,

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(Have a look at some other cool pictures here.)

Happy Friday!

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3 thoughts on “Just Because It’s Friday Photo…..

  1. If only I could be there right now – in the bush, in the clear air and open spaces! Awesome pic – this has really given me some inspiration – thanks Tracy!

    • Glad you enjoyed the pic! I am about to leave for Cape Town, will let you know if any sparklies fall into my shopping basket for you in the bead shops 🙂 Maybe breakie on Monday?

      • Brekkie on Monday sounds like a GREAT plan! Look forward to it! Have an abfab weekend – I am so much of jealous!

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