Metal: The Good, The Bad and The In-Between

Blog post from Blue Door Beads containing good basic information on the metals most commonly used for jewelry-making.

Behind the Blue Door

As with many industries, the beading industry has tons of different terms that get thrown around daily, causing the average non-beader’s head to spin. Heck, there are times when even WE have a hard time keeping things straight! However, there is one subject in jewelry-making in which we feel it helps to be well-versed: the topic of metal. More specifically, metal beads and findings.

We have compiled this list of metals most commonly used for jewelry-making in the hopes that it will help you make more educated decisions when designing jewelry for yourself and others. Who knows? You may even learn to love a metal you have never worked with before, or at least enjoy mixing & matching more than you may have otherwise. After each metal, we have indicated in bold italics whether or not the metal is recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Fine Silver
Fine silver is…

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