A Fascination with Facets

Facets are flat faces on geometric shapes.  Gemstones commonly have facets cut into them in order to improve their appearance by allowing them to reflect light.  The art of faceting enhances the brilliance and lustre of gemstones.

Faceted Green Emeralds, emerald beads, emerald rondelles, emerald beadstring, beading, beads

I just love the extra sparkle that faceted gemstone beads have.  Pictured here are some of my recent beadstring purchases (I was purposely sourcing faceted gemstones on my last buying trip).  Above are some lovely tiny faceted Emerald rondelle beads (rondelles are flat circular beads).

Black Tourmaline Beads, faceted black tourmaline, black tourmaline faceted beads, beading, beads, black tourmaline beadstring,

These Black Tourmaline beads are breathtaking – they just shimmer all the time as their many surfaces catch the light.  It reminds me of the way late afternoon sunlight shimmers on water, as on the surface of the sea or a lake.

These faceted rondelle Goldstone beads are such a lovely colour too.  Goldstone glitters beautifully anyway, the faceting just adds extra zing.

Big Skies Jewellery - Faceted Goldstone, goldstone beadstring, faceted goldstone rondelles, goldstone rondelle beads, beading, beads, goldstone beadstring.

I could not resist these Red Tiger’s Eye round faceted beads.  If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I love Tiger’s Eye.

Big Skies Jewellery - Faceted Red Tiger's Eye, Red Tigers Eye beadstring, beading, beads, red tigers eye beads, red tigers eye faceted beads

And last but not least, these lovely Dark Blue Sapphire beads caught my eye as well.  These are very dainty and have been designated for a bracelet and earrings set.

Big Skies Jewellery - Faceted Sapphire Beads, sapphire beadstring, sapphire rondelles, beading, beads, sapphire faceted beads

This an example of a finished necklace using faceted Ocean Agate gem-quality beads:

Ocean Agate Chunky Gemstone Necklace, midnight blue necklace, peacock blue necklace, chunky gemstone necklace, royal blue gemstone necklace,

It is hard to take a picture that does this necklace justice – the beads are mulit-faceted and they literally sparkle.

Ocean Agate Faceted Beads, Ocean Agate Chunky Gemstone Necklace, midnight blue necklace, peacock blue necklace, chunky gemstone necklace, royal blue gemstone necklace,

View Big Skies Jewellery’s gemstone necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the Big Skies Jewellery store on Etsy.

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7 thoughts on “A Fascination with Facets

  1. OK – I just HAVE to go with you on your next buying trip (credit card permitting!) The faceted tigers eye is just too beautiful and I love the emerald as well – in fact I love them all!

    • Assuming you have now worked out how to read my replies to your comments….. absolutely you must come with! The black tourmaline is my favourite – I was really pleased with all my purchases though. These ones are all from Silver Hills, as I am sure you have guessed. More posts to follow on the rest of the stock that I bought!!

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