Jewelley Making Behind the Scenes Peak – “Tools of the Trade”

Have you ever wondered what tools are used to put together beaded jewellery?  The answer, at least in my case, is PLIERS…..lots and lots of pliers…..

Here are my tools of the trade:

Pliers, jewellery making tools, beading tools, jewelry making

Not a bad pliers collection if I say so myself! They pretty much all serve a specific purpose – some a little more specialised than others.

These crimping pliers squish the little round metal tubes around the ends of the wire that the beads are strung on, to keep them securely in place.

Crimping pliers, pliers, jewelry making tools, beading tools, crimps, jewellery making

Split ring pliers are used to open the little jump rings that attach charms and fasteners.  Believe me, these are a godsend for your fingernails! 

Split ring pliers, pliers, jewellery making, beading tools, jewelry making tools, split rings

This is how they work:

Split ring pliers, pliers, beading tools, jewelry making tools, jewellery making

And these are the three pairs I CANNOT live without – from left to right: bullnose, bent nose and roundnose pliers.

Bullnose pliers, round nose pliers, bent nose pliers, pliers, jewelry making, beading tools, jewellery making tools


6 thoughts on “Jewelley Making Behind the Scenes Peak – “Tools of the Trade”

  1. They look very useful and you have just reminded me that my small pliers are missing. I have had them for years and always in the same place but, suddenly, they have vanished. I am sure, as soon as I buy another pair, the old ones will be discovered.

    • Hi, thanks for the link, great article – lots of detail about the different types of pliers and their uses. Having looked at your list I think there are still a couple I need to add to my tool box – I definitely need more specialised wire cutters. I think outside the roundnose, bentnose and flatnose pliers, my most used set is the split ring pliers – I use split rings on almost everything. My latest tool addition has been a bead reamer, which has been most useful. Good luck with the chain maille, not something I have given a go yet!

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