3 Great Reasons to Buy Jewellery Online

There are many great advantages to shopping online – here are just three of my favourite reasons to shop for jewellery online!

1. Variety is the Spice of Life!

You cannot beat the sheer variety online– you are far more likely to find something unique, eclectic, and unusual by jewellery shopping online.  You have access to a whole host of jewellery artists that you would never have come across or even known of.  Be spoilt for choice!

Big Skies Jewellery, Etsy, Big Skies Jewellery on Etsy, online jewellery shopping, buy jewelry online, jewelry shopping online

Plenty of choice in Big Skies Jewellery’s Etsy Store. Something for everyone!


2. Small Town Blues

If you live in a remote area or a small town (like I did for many years!), your nearest good shops may be many miles away. By going online to do your jewellery shopping a whole new world of shops is literally brought to your doorstep…..or more accurately, into your home and sitting all cosied up on the couch with you!  (And with the price of petrol/gas the way it is…..it could be a budget conscious move too!)  Etsy is a fantastic site to buy handmade jewellery and a myriad of other handcrafted and vintage items.

Etsy store

Buy handmade jewellery on Etsy, the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace!

3. The Price is Right

If like me, you like to know the price of an item without having to ask, then online jewellery shopping is definitely for you. Personally, if I cannot see the price of something, I simply move on to somewhere else where I can see the price. Why do shops not make their prices readily available to consumers?  When I see no prices or tags in windows turned over, I always wonder why – what are they trying to hide? I dare say it is a tactic to force customers to consult with a salesman…. Shop on Etsy and every item’s price is clearly indicated.  

Prices are Cleary Indicated at Big Skies Jewellery, big skies jewellery, big skies jewellery on Etsy, jewelling shopping online, buy jewellery online

All prices are clearly indicated at Big Skies Jewellery and all other stores on Etsy


Happy online jewelry shopping!!

7 thoughts on “3 Great Reasons to Buy Jewellery Online

  1. I couldn’t agree more with all three of your points! Also, I’m the same when I can’t see the price of anything (even if it’s an item in the supermarket) and tend to leave without asking ‘how much’. Don’t know if I’m shy or indignant!

  2. Oh that is my bugbear too; I hate it when I can’t see a price. And with airlines I hate seeing a price and then finding out later that there are all sorts of taxes and extras to add on. That one really makes me cranky. Big cheers for online jewellery shopping with Etsy.

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