Beautiful Black Pearls….with a Modern Twist!

I have had a new design idea in mind ever since I bought a string of beautiful  A grade black shell pearls on one of my recent buying outings.  The sheen and lustre of the pearls is outstanding, and the colour is unusual, I have never seen pure black ones like these.

Triple A Grade Black Pearls, String of pearls, black pearl string, black pearls, shell pearls

This is the resulting bracelet, and I love it! 

Black pearl bracelet, modern pearl jewellery, black shell pearls, pearl bracelet, black and silver bracelet. modern pearl bracelet

The concave patterned silver tube beads used between the pearls give the bracelet a modern feel – providing a fresh twist on what is often perceived as a classic, or even old-fashioned, style of jewellery.

So pearl jewellery doesn’t just have to be for granny – it can still be chic and funky!

(This is bracelet will be listing soon in Big Skies Jewellery’s Etsy shop for only $28)


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Black Pearls….with a Modern Twist!

  1. Stunning bracelet Tracy – the pearls must have been bought during one of our recent expeditions! I still haven’t got to use some of the great stuff I bought! Sigh! Too much work, too little time for beading!

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