Just Because It’s Friday Photo

As a jewellery artist I am constantly inspired by what I see.  A lot of my inspiration comes from the natural world around me – and having just come back from a week in the African bush, relaxing with friends and family, I am feeling both inspired and rejuvenated.

This week’s cool pictures were taken at Marrick Safari in Kimberley  – a wonderful place to relax and unwind in a tranquil bush setting (and with awesome food!). This little chap is one of family at Marrick, and is just the cutest thing.  He even came on a trek through the bush  – us, 3 dogs and a meerkat!    

I couldn’t decide which photo to share, so I chose two 🙂  So here we are, two cool pictures to make you smile…….just because hey, it’s Friday!

This week: Meerkat  at Marrick Safari, Kimberley, South Africa. 

Meerkat, Marrick Safari, Kimberley, South Africa, Bush, Wildlife

Meerkat lying down, Marrick Safari, Kimberley South Africa

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(Have a look at some other cool pictures here.)

Happy Friday!

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