History of St Patrick’s Day

This Sunday, March 17, is St Patrick’s Day – an Irish holiday celebrating St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.   According to the Irish there are only two types of people – those who are Irish, and those who wish they were Irish!!

Green double strand gemstone necklace with pendant, green ruby in zoisite with green agate pendant

Green double strand gemstone necklace with pendant by Big Skies Jewellery

So where does our friend St. Patrick originate from? St. Patrick was born Maewyn Succat of an Italian father and a Scottish mother, sometime around 385 A.D., in Scotland.  (Doesn’t sound very Irish so far……?)

At the age of 16 he was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery for six years in Ireland. After seeing a vision of a ship, St. Patrick planned an escape from Ireland to France, where he became a priest and later a bishop. He adopted the name of Patricus and remained in France for a number of years. As time went by, St. Patrick continued to be inspired by thoughts of bringing Christianity to Ireland. At the age of 60, upon his return, an Irish legend began. It was said that he drove away all the snakes and toads from the land, while standing amid a field of shamrocks. Whether fact or fiction, the shamrock, a three-leaf plant, signifies the Holy Trinity to the Catholics and is still symbolic of the Irish and St. Patrick.

Malachite and Sterling Silver Bracelet, Green and Silver Gemstone Bracelet

Malachite and Sterling Silver Bracelet by Big Skies Jewellery

St Patrick died in 464 A.D. and it is not known if March 17th was his birth date or the date of his death. However, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide by parades, processions, and the “wearin’ of the green.” St. Patrick’s Day is a tradition for people of Irish descent and the expatriate Irish in other countries, as well as by many others who choose to be Irish “for a day.” We honor St. Patrick by expressing our devotion and faith and recognizing the heritage of the patron saint of Ireland.

Blue and green brass necklace, blue stone, agate and brass gemstone necklace

Blue, Green Agate and Brass Necklace by Big Skies Jewellery

Emerald green is, appropriately, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2013 – will you be joining in the “wearin’ of the green” on Sunday?

7 thoughts on “History of St Patrick’s Day

  1. Lovely selection of jewellery to illustrate your post. Malachite reminds me of the years I lived in Zambia. I still have an amethyst ring and a silver necklace made in Zambia. No malachite though.

      • My husband’s family was in Livingstone – his father was the bank manager and the family had a hotel. I think they moved to Rhodesia when he was still a little boy. Your family are jewellers?

      • No not at all. I just remember buying jewellery from an elderly couple who had been running a jewellery business in Zambia for many many years. I don’t remember their nationality but they were both very knowledgeable about copper, gemstones and whatever was available in Zambia. They only used products mined or found in Zambia.

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