Gemstone Folklore & Legends – Onyx

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, was resting by the Indus River when her son, Cupid, came along and used the point of one of his enchanted arrows to give his mother a manicure while she slept. With the nail clippings in his hands, he joyfully flew up into the sky, but with all of his happiness and excitement, he accidentally dropped the clippings and they fell into the river. As nothing of heavenly origin could die, the nail clippings were turned into onyx. The name “onyx” comes from the Greek meaning “fingernail or claw”.

Venus Disarming Cupid - by Francois Boucher 1751

Venus Disarming Cupid – by Francois Boucher 1751


Onyx Jewellery at Big Skies Jewellery

At Big Skies Jewellery I love onyx and work with it all the time.  Shown below are some examples of my exclusive designs, available in the Big Skies Jewellery store on Etsy, which incorporate this lovely and versatile gemstone. 

Onyx and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with Rhinestone in Silver Rondelles

Onyx and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings – these will go with everything – only $10.99

Baroque Black and Gold Brass, Baroque Pearl, Onyx and Pyrite Necklace

Onyx, Bronze Baroque Shell Pearl, Pyrite and Brass Gemstone Necklace – $45.00


Turquoise and Faceted Onyx Gemstone Adjustable Choker Necklace, Beaded Necklace
Turquoise Howlite and Faceted Black Onyx Adjustable Choker Necklace – only $18.00



If you have onyx jewellery and would like to read about how to care for it, please click here.




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