Jewellery Shopping Online – Problems and Solutions (Part 3 of 5)

If you are looking to purchase a piece of handmade gemstone jewellery from an online source, such as Etsy, or are new to the world of online jewellery shopping, educate yourself here with my collection of tips, and help make your online jewellery shopping experience worry-free! Big Skies Jewellery Etsy Storefront

In Part 1 of this series we checked out Jewellery Photographs In Part 2 we looked at getting it right with Jewellery Sizing/Dimensions.  This week we are taking a look at Shop Policies.


I know its tedious, but it does pay off to read the small print!

Before purchasing a piece of jewellery, make sure you read the shop’s policies with regard to payment, shipping and refunds/exchanges.  In Etsy, you will find the shop’s policies in the left pane, under Shop Info:   Etsy Policies Section

Before you make your purchase, please read through the policies carefully.  Know how long your item will take to arrive – you don’t want to get caught short if you are buying a gift and need it by a certain date.  Find out how long from purchase it will take the seller to ship your item – some items are made to order, so it may take longer than you think.  Does the item arrive gift wrapped? If something is wrong with your purchase, what is your recourse?  Top tip: Do your homework, be an informed buyer! 


Before purchasing an item of jewellery online, make sure the shop has a full set of policies and that the following questions are satisfactorily answered:


  • Within how many days of ordering will your item be shipped?
  • How long is the delivery period? 
  • With whom will your item be shipped? 
  • Is there any tracking or traceability provided?
  • How will your item be packaged?

Exchanges & Refunds

  • If you are not satisfied with your item, what recourse do you have?
  • Can you return the item?
  • Will a refund be issued or an exchange provided?


  • What payment methods are accepted (Note: if you pay via Paypal you do not have to have a Paypal account, you can simply use it with your credit card)

At Big Skies Jewellery  I want my customers to be happy – if they are happy, I am happy!  When someone places an order with me, the first thing I do is send them a message confirming when shipment will take place and how long it should take to arrive.  I would like all of my customers to have read my shop policies, but just in case they haven’t, I give them a little helping hand 🙂

 PROBLEM: Why hasn’t my purchase arrived yet?  Where is it? I want my money back! Why is it taking so long?

SOLUTION: Read the Shop’s Policies not only regarding packing and shipping, but also payment and refunds / exchanges.  Be an INFORMED buyer!

Look out for the next part of Jewellery Shopping Online – Problems and Solutions here in my blog – containing more straight forward advice.  See Part 1 – Product Photography here and Part 2 – Jewellery Sizing/Dimensions here.

Feel free to share your online shopping experiences or perhaps you have some buying tips of your own!

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