The Bold & The Beautiful – Statement Jewellery

At Big Skies Jewellery I create distinctive gemstone jewellery to celebrate who you are – my goal is to help you express your individuality through quality handmade gemstone jewellery.

These are my latest designs – eye-catching, attention seeking possibly, pop-out-at-you statement necklaces to complement your personality.

Latest Handmade 2013 Jewellery Designs by Big Skies Jewellery

Top of the pops in the statement race is this chunky triple-strand beauty in coral and turquoise. Rich, luxuriant, opulent, colourful…. coral and turquoise is a match made in heaven.

Coral and turquoise statement necklace, chunky triple strand gemstone necklace by Big Skies Jewellery

Coral and Turquoise Triple-Strand Statement Necklace (listing soon for $58 +p&p)

2013’s colour of the year, Emerald Green, is seriously starting to grow on me. It’s creeping into my wardrobe and accessories, and into my jewellery designs. It’s an amazing colour and it really seems to suit everyone. Turn heads with this modern emerald green imperial jasper and silver triple strand stunner, and you’ll be turning others green with envy!

Triple Strand Green Imperial Jasper and Silver Statement Necklace, Chunky Green Gemstone Necklace by Big Skies Jewellery

Triple Strand Green Imperial Jasper and Silver Statement Necklace (listing soon for $45 +p&p)

If your taste is a little more tribal, but you are still in love with green, what about this double strand necklace in green ruby in ziosite with wire wrapped green agate pendant.

Double-strand green ruby in ziosite and silver necklace with green agate pendant

Green Ruby in Ziosite and Silver Gemstone Necklace with Green Agate Pendant (listing soon for $38 +p&p)

If bright colour is not your thing, you can still be bold – go au natural with beautiful natural mixed Jasper polished chunks. Each stone is a work of art in itself.

Mixed Polished Jasper Statement Necklace, Chunky Gemstone Necklace

Mixed Polished Jasper Statement Necklace – $30 + p&p

Shimmer in this geometricTiger’s Eye design.  Geometric is one of Spring 2013’s trends – this necklace shows how runway trends can be incorporated into handcrafted gemstone jewellery – with this necklace you can have the best of both worlds!

Tigers Eye Chunky Geometric Statement Necklace

Chunky Geometric Tigers Eye Statement Necklace – $40 + p&p

So turn heads, celebrate your personality, express yourself – go big, bold and beautiful!!!

Make a statement!

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