Discover This Amazing Colour Palette Generator

Have you ever looked at a photo and thought  “wow, what beautiful colours“?

I have just discovered a website called Big Huge Labs, courtesy of an article in the Beading Daily, which has a colour palette generator that creates a colour palette from any photo that you upload.

Here are some examples of colour palettes generated, using colourful photos from previous blog posts:

Colour palette generator


Photo from Just Because it’s Friday blog post


Leaning Tower of Pisa


Photo from Try a New Perspective blog post




Photo from Poppy Love blog post



It’s so easy to use and a great way to create colour palettes for use in crafting projects, art projects, website design or home decor projects – and its just plain fun!  (You can also download the colour swatches in Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) format for Photoshop or compatible applications.)

Try it out for yourself:  

Have fun!!

6 thoughts on “Discover This Amazing Colour Palette Generator

    • Thanks! I am so happy you have gained value from my post – that’s what its all about! I just thought it was such a great application for crafters and artists – I had to share it.

  1. Ooh you’ve got me quite excited with this one – it will be wonderful to match up potential colour schemes with photos I have of natural objects and flowers, as well as some Peranakan Pottery I took photos of last year (and haven’t managed to get around to using the colours in jewellery yet)! On the to-do list…. Cath

    • I collect photos of all sorts of things (as well as those I have taken myself) just because I like the colour combinations in the subject matter – now I can use this app to develop a palette I can use in my jewellery! I really like the colour combinations you use in your pieces – you have a great eye for interesting and effective colour combinations. I like the idea of taking a colour scheme from pottery.

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