Gemstone Folklore & Legends – Amethyst

According to Greek mythology, Dionysus, the god of wine, celebration, intoxication, and joviality (what a great thing to be a God of!!), one day became enraged with the mortals and decided he would take revenge by letting his two fierce tigers devour the next mortal to cross his path.

Dionysus immediately spotted a beautiful young virgin maiden named Amethysta who was on her way to Diana’s temple to pay homage to the goddess. The wrathful god detained Amethysta and unleashed his hungry tigers upon her.

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Amethysta cried out to Diana for help. When Diana saw what was about to happen, she turned Amethysta into a statue of gleaming clear quartz, thereby protecting her from Dioniysus’ tigers. When Dionysus realized the ruthlessness of his actions, filled with remorse, he began to weep tears of wine over the statue. The tears stained the quartz statue purple, thus creating the stone Amethyst.

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