Jewellery Shopping Online – Problems and Solutions (Part 2 of 5)

If you are considering purchasing a piece of handmade gemstone jewellery from an online source, such as Etsy, or are new to the world of online jewellery shopping, educate yourself here with my collection of tips, and help ensure your online shopping experience is pleasurable and pain-free!Big Skies Jewelley Online Storefront, Esty Shopfront, Handmade Jewellery for Sale

In Part 1 of this series we looked at Product Photographs This week we are talking about getting it right with sizing and dimensions.

Problem #2: Jewellery Sizing / Dimensions 

Size does matter!! When you are buying jewellery online from a website, you must make sure that you carefully check the sizing in the description of the jewllery piece that you are buying.  

I have personally been caught out buying gemstone beads online.  I bought a string of Tanzanite disc beads, that I had a wonderful jewelry design in mind for – and when the bead string arrived they were less than half the size I had expected!! Top Tipphotos can be deceptive – they make things appear bigger than they really are!!  

Turquoise and Tiger's Eye Elasticated Handmade Gemstone Bracelet with Bird Charm, Handmade Jewelry, Gemstone Bracelet

“The turquoise howlite and tigers eye gemstone beads all measure 10mm each and the bird charm measures 25mm in length and hangs just over 15mm from the bracelet.This bracelet comfortably fits an average 6-7 inch wrist. If you have different requirements, please just convo me as I can easily adjust the measurements up or down.”

Carefully read the product description – make sure it includes important dimensions – and to be really sure, get your tape measure out and physically check the dimensions listed. (See the example detailed description above from Big Skies Jewelley’s store.)


When jewellery shopping online, make sure the product description includes:

  • Length of the necklace/bracelet, or the
  • Circumference (if it is a bracelet)
  • The dimensions of the gemstones beads used in the design – for example if there is a focal bead, what size is it? What size are the majority of the beads used? What are the dimensions of the pendant (width and length)?
  • Hanging length of necklace pendants – how far does the pendant hang down from the chain or bead string?
  • Hanging length of drop or dangly earrings – how far will they hang down from your earlobe?
  • Do the product photos have a frame of reference regarding size?  
Turquoise and amethys long gemstone earrings, handmade earrings

At Big Skies Jewellery, I have started including a dime in my earring photos, to help customers with a frame of reference re size

At Big Skies Jewellery  I include all dimensions that an online shopper needs to be fully informed and feel comfortable. I want my customer to be in no doubt as to exactly what they will be receiving, and I am very happy to adjust an item on request before shipping, to ensure that the fit is perfect (one of the advantages of buying handmade over department store!).  If my customers are happy, I am happy 🙂

 PROBLEM: The Jewellery you purchased is not the SIZE you expected it to be….

SOLUTION: Read the small print in the product description and check all the important dimensions are included, per the list above. If necessary, haul your tape measure out and physically check them!

Look out for next part of the Jewellery Shopping Online – Problems and Solutions series here in my blog – containing more straight forward advice.  See Part 1 – Product Photography here.

7 thoughts on “Jewellery Shopping Online – Problems and Solutions (Part 2 of 5)

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  2. This is important information for sellers as well as buyers! Thanks for pointing a lot of things out that I have omitted on some of my descriptions on Etsy. I will start the process of adding the size of beads, pendants etc and – quite importantly – I also haven’t put the circumference of bracelets and anklets – just the length! I’m going to print it out to remind me. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the feedback Cath. I hadn’t really thought about this information being useful from a sellers point of view, so if it has also helped from “the other side of the fence”, awesome! As sellers we are always striving to make sure our customers are happy with their purchases and improving our product descriptions can hopefully help achieve that.

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