Just Because It’s Friday…

A cool picture to make you smile…….just because hey it’s Friday!

This week: Frost Flowers blooming over young sea ice in the central artic ocean(photographer Matthias Wietz)

Frost flowers bloom over young sea ice in the central artic ocean - photographer Matthias Wietz, photography, cool picture, inspiration

Frost flowers are ice crystals commonly found growing on young sea ice and thin lake ice in cold, calm conditions. The ice crystals are similar to hoar frost, and are commonly seen to grow in patches around 3–4 cm in diameter. Frost flowers growing on sea ice have extremely high salinities and concentrations of other sea water chemicals and, because of their high surface area, are efficient releasers of these chemicals into the atmosphere. (Wikipedia)

Awesome aren’t they?  Please share and help brighten up someone else’s day!

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