5 Reasons to LOVE Accessories

I am a self-confessed accessories junkie!  These are my top five favourite reasons for my  accessory addiction:

1.  Power: accessories have the power to transform – same outfit, different accessories and ta-da, you’ve got yourself a totally new look.

Blingy Bib Necklace from New York city

2.  Budget $$$: you don’t have to break your bank balance when updating your accessories. You can easily add one or two items, such as a pair of earrings or a scarf, to your wardrobe each month, without making yourself broke in the process.

Blue, blue - blue suede shoes

3.  Size doesn’t matter: this is one of the best reasons!  It doesn’t matter if your waistline is increasing or decreasing, accessories are still your best friend.  Accessories never have to be retired to the back of the wardrobe just because your size has gone up…..or down!! Killer shoes still kill and an awesome necklace still looks just as awesome!

Black leather satchel from Florence, Italy

4.  Experimentation: You can use accessories to push your personal boundaries and experiment with a new trend. You don’t have to wear the trend head to toe, just try out a little part of it by incorporating an on-trend bag or a hyped-up new shoe – not only will you be pushed out of your comfort zone, you’ll also feel super cool..

Snakeskin shoes from Clarks in London

5.  Memories: this is a purely personal reason. I buy a lot of my accessories on my travels, so when I wear them they remind me of the places I’ve been and the memories I have collected there – a blingy bib necklace from New York, a classic black leather handbag from Florence, snakeskin shoes from London…….they all put me in a happy place!

Aztec print scarf

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons to LOVE Accessories

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