You’ve got to admire humble poppies – to start with, they are so enduringly cheerful – just looking at them makes you feel happy!  They remind me of home in England, where in the summer we would be treated to wave upon wave of red fields…. a truly inspiring spectacle.  The photo below is from a June visit back to Norfolk – I could have drowned in that field!

Poppy Field in Norfolk England, Flowers, Poppies

Poppies are so stylistic with their tall stems, delicate red petals and dark black centres – their imagery just begs to be used in design work. This is my Poppy Love Treasury in Etsy, showcasing items where poppies have been the inspiration:

Poppy Love Treasury, Etsy, Handcrafted,

Poppies are an inspiration I have also brought into my own jewellery design in this red coral petal and black onyx bracelet and necklace set:

Poppy Inspired Coral and Onyx Necklace, handcrafted necklace, gemstone necklace, handmade jewelry, gemstone jewelry, gemstone jewelry, jewelry making, jewelry design

Poppy inspired coral and onyx bracelet, handmade jewelry, handcrafted jewelry, gemstone bracelet, gemstone jewelry, jewelry making, jewelry design

Nature itself even borrows inspiration from its own creations – look at this incredible Poppy Jasper…..I think I’m in love!

Poppy jasper, gemstone, gemstone jewelry, stones, Jasper, jewelry making, jewelry design, handcrafted jewelry

Lest we forget – poppies are of course also associated throughout the world with the remembrance of those who died in order that we may be free – Never Forget.

Never Forget, Poppies, Rememberance


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