Struggling To Express Your Individuality – Let Me Help!

If you struggle to find jewellery that expresses who you are and accentuates your individuality, then perhaps I can help you. My handcrafted gemstone jewellery is created to solve this exact problem. Go on over to my Etsy shop and check out my handcrafted gemstone jewellery collection – maybe I can solve your problems, well, at least one of them!

Pyrite and turquoise necklace, handcrafted jewellery, gemstone necklace, turquoise jewelry, jewelry making

Express Yourself!

Jewellery should express the way you want to feel – chic, stylish, powerful, sexy, elegant – the choice is yours! A piece of jewellery’s uniqueness and ability to accentuate your personality is not just in its design, but the materials used, the combination of different media, the colour palettes, the techniques – there are different ways to use these to affirm who you are.

I am always on the lookout for unusual gemstones to use in my jewellery pieces, and even after I have bought new materials I often take months, even years, to decide how to best use them in something that will showcase their beauty and that of the wearer.

Pick Your Weapons

Stick pearl and apatite necklace, gemstone necklace, beaded necklace, handmade jewelry, jewelry making

This piece is from my personal jewellery collection – it’s a very simple design, the uniqueness comes from the materials used and how they have been paired together. The stick Pearls were a gift from my husband and I confess I had them for nearly a year before I came across a string of Apatite spikes, which were perfect to pair them with.

Tribal Bostwanan agate, red coral, silver and chain gemstone necklace, gemstone necklace, tribal necklace, statement necklace

This above piece showcases three large Botswanan Agate smooth tumbled nuggets. I got these on holiday in Cape Town about three years ago. I experimented with various textural and colour combinations before finally deciding recently on this mix using contrasting red coral. I love the way the bright red stands out against the subtle natural beauty of the banded Botswanan agate (which is one of my favourite gemstones).

The Devil is in the Detail

Making jewellery can be a slow process; it takes time and thought, and sometimes a lot of experimentation and attention to detail to get the balance just right. I have been known to take things apart two or three times before I am happy with the final result! And if I am still not sure – I will wear the piece for a day, it’s amazing how that will give me clarity on what needs to be changed!

Baroque Black Onyx and Gunmetal Rhinestone Rondelle Necklace, Gemstone necklace, handmade necklace, beaded necklace

This necklace originally had a thick gunmetal black chain and toggle clasp, but I knew it wasn’t quite right. After wearing it for a day (it looked great with a snakeskin tunic!) I changed the chain to a smaller silver one with a vintage looking flower motif detail, that can be adjusted to different lengths – made all the difference. It was worth the extra time and effort to get it just right.

I Feel Good

Tribal Pyrite, Crystal, Citrine  and Sunstone Gemstone Necklace, Beaded Necklace, Tribal Necklace, STatement necklace, handmade necklace

This piece uses a combination of unusual media of different textures. It features a rectangular pyrite slab, natural drilled crystal fingers, smooth chunky moonstones and rough natural citrine crystals. (I have a total thing about pyrite and about natural crystal formations – I cannot resist either!) This necklace uses a wide variety of textures but has a very natural and calming colour palette, so it is not overpowering. The chains just act as frames to the gemstones.

Make My Day

Another way to make a statement with your jewellery is by using bold or unusual colour combinations. I have recently been working with turquoise, black and silver. I love this combo! Its striking, classy, sophisticated and looks good with a surprisingly wide range of colours. I wore a piece at the weekend with a peach coloured top – it looked great!

Blue, black and silver turquoise and onyx necklace, statement necklace, bold necklace, gemstone necklace, colourful necklace

I am constantly adding new pieces to my Etsy collection, so please check regularly for new listings. You can also connect with me on my Facebook page for interesting snippets and sneak previews of new listings.

There are many ways to express your individuality and personality through your appearance, jewellery is just one of them. I would love to hear from you – how do you express yourself?

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