Beads Are Saving Lives

Here in South Africa, we are very fond of our rhinos, but hundreds are getting poached each year for their horn – rhino horn commands a high price in parts of Asia, especially China, where it is believed to have great medicinal qualities. In reality, rhino horn has the same medicinal effect as chewing one’s own fingernails, i.e. zero!!

Rhino in Kruger Park

In order to take the horn, the poachers kill the rhinos in the most inhumane and barbaric fashion – often they are just left to die in agony from their wounds. It is heart-breaking to see these magnificent creatures in such distress.

I cannot imagine an Africa without rhinos. I don’t want to imagine an Africa without rhinos.

Rhino force bracelet

One way we show our support and help to raise money is by purchasing bracelets from RHINO FORCE , who support THE AFRICA FOUNDATION and its direct conservation activities to protect and preserve Africa’s rhino populations.

The bracelets are the work of Afrika Expeditionary Force  proceeds from the bracelet help to create employment as well as fight Rhino Poaching. Many of the people involved in creating the bracelets help look after children orphaned by AIDS, so this is a lifeline for them too.

Rhino force bracele flipsidet

The bracelet is made up of white, red and black beads separated by a coconut bead. The black and white beads represent the black and white rhinos, the red beads symbolize their plight and the coconut bead represents the rhinos colour and tough exterior.

A RHINO FORCE bracelet delivers a message and donates funds to save our rhino. You too can also help save lives by wearing a RHINO FORCE bracelet; they can be bought online here:


Another way we help raise money and show our support is by buying a Rhinose. The Rhinose is a stylized plastic rhino horn made in South Africa from recycled (and recyclable) polypropylene, which is the same material ice cream cartons are made from. It gets attached to the front grille of your car using cable ties.

car with a rhinose       game rangers with rhinoses               rhinose on car


Rhinose Day is an annual campaign to raise funds and awareness for rhinos and the wider fight against poaching and false medicinal myths in general. Rhinose Day is a joint initiative of three non-profit organisations:

Rhino Action Group Effort (RAGE)

Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and

Rhinose Foundation 

“The word rhino comes from the Ancient Greek for “nose” – hence the name Rhinose. World Rhino Day is on 22 September every year, but the fact that a rhino is killed for its horn every 14 hours in South Africa alone, means that every day is Rhinose Day.”


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