Out of Africa

There are few places more vibrant than African craft markets.  Here in the informal market sector, creativity is abundant and the spirit of entrepreneurship is thriving. 

Flea market

We were on holiday for a few days last week in Mpumalanga in the east of South Africa, and enjoyed the opportunity to browse through the markets at the various tourist attractions.

Beads galore

 Handcrafted Beadwork

Each stall is a riot of colourful handcrafted items produced by local African artisans.  The beadwork is amazing – detailed seed beads in all colours under the rainbow, woven into intricate geometric designs.

Beadwork Braclets

Ndebele Beadwork Bracelets

The stalls are run almost entirely by local women – each one a true small business owner.  You should have heard these ladies laugh when I told them I was going to put their picture on Facebook and that they would be famous!  And don’t think they don’t know how to negotiate….

South African Entrepreneurs at work

Entrepreneurs at work!

The variety of crafts on offer and the skills of the artisans involved are inspiring

 A colourful riot of beads

A Riot of Colour

And of course, we did walk away with a few bargains……



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