Black & Gold, Black & Gold, Black & Gold…..

Hands up who loves Pinterest!

I am a recent convert to Pinterest…… What a great concept, collecting beautiful photos to create mood boards that inspire you. Once you start, the options are endless – no matter what your interests are.

Baroque Fashion Trend Jewellery Handmade

Baroque Inspired Jewellery

I found it really inspiring with regard to my jewellery making. As I was looking through various fashion photos (some people have great “my style” boards) it reminded me of when I was in London back in September of this year. All the winter fashion was just coming into the shops.

Baroque Fashion Trend

Winter Trend – Baroque Inspired Fashion

Baroque Rocks!

The Baroque trend particularly appealed to me– all that black and gold, velvet, lace, brocade, ornate details, gilded motifs – rich, luxuriant, opulent. It almost made me wish for winter (here in South Africa it’s the height of summer!!). Visually it is stunning – you just want to look at and touch the beautiful materials.

Baroque Inspired Handcrafted Jewellery

Gold and Black Baroque Inspired Necklace

 Whilst I was looking at the pictures, I thought should be making some jewellery pieces that tie in with this trend…. so I put my iPad down, walked straight over to my beading station, aka the dining room table, and promptly starting working on Baroque influenced gemstone necklaces – centred on black and gold.

Baroque inspired handcrafted gemstone jewellery

Onyx, Pearl, Brass & Pyrite Bead Necklace

Black onyx, brass filigree beads, gold shell pearls, dark pewter metallic accents, rhinestone rondelles, black ribbon, brass Indian-style beads…… the pictures here are a sneak preview of the jewellery pieces I will be uploading into my Etsy shop after Christmas.

Baroque inspired handcrafted gemstone jewellery

Onyx, Brass & Rhinestone Rondelle Necklace

Wearing full on Baroque inspired clothing may not be for everyone, but why not incorporate a little into your wardrobe with a piece of jewellery that takes an elegant bow towards the trend. Accessories are such an easy way of updating your wardrobe, just add them to your basics and keep up with fashion without having to spend a fortune!

Check out my “Baroque Rocks” Pinterest board – do you think Baroque rocks?? 


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