Bitter Sweet Symphony

Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve is my favourite song, of all time.  I like to listen to music whilst I am beading – I think it helps the creative process.   Music puts me in a happy place. If I am feeling down or frustrated with life (or the traffic!!), I put on my favourite play list – and after singing to a couple of my favourite tunes at the top of my voice, I suddenly don’t feel so bad!  It’s a fact that it impossible to be angry or cross whilst listening to something you love.   Music has the power to uplift.
Turquoise and Black Rhinestone Roundel Earrings
Turquoise and Black Rhinestone Roundel Earrings – sold in November on Etsy
I think the iPod is one of the best inventions of all time – I love my little orange iPod.    The joy of being able to make up play lists of all my favourite tunes, with such simplicity……bliss!!  I remember the frustrating days of my youth, trying to tape tunes from the radio or records (yes….records…. there was life before CDs). 
Turquoise Gemstone Necklace
Turquoise and Labradorite Necklace – sold in November on Etsy
This weekend was pretty hectic – too many social engagements and not enough time for beading!! Not that I am really complaining, it’s always lovely to see friends and family, and make some new friends along the way.   I wanted to take photos yesterday afternoon so I can upload my new pieces to Etsy, but it was raining and the light was really bad.  So instead of posting new pictures today I am sharing pictures of the items I have sold from my Etsy shop in November.
Agate Gemstone Necklace
Dragon’s Vein Agate Necklace – sold in November on Etsy
What I did have time to work on this weekend is what I am calling my “Coral Collection”.  I love coral – there is something special about the combination of brilliant red and silver – and it feels festively appropriate with Christmas coming up!  I did also incorporate subtler colour schemes into a couple of pieces by using orange sponge coral and natural cream coral instead of the red.  After I have uploaded my coral collection to my Etsy shop I already have another collection in mind – the Tribal Collection – earthy, natural, rustic pieces using beautiful gemstones.
Agate Gemstone Necklace
Agate Teardrop Slab Necklace – sold in November on Etsy
This weekend I also started to experiment with a new technique for me – wire wrapping.  After a couple of somewhat dodgy attempts I was rather pleased with my results.  This detour into wire wrapping was kick-started by me being given an arrowhead by one of my colleagues; she asked if I could please turn it into something she can enjoy more often by wearing as a necklace.  So I decided to give wire wrapping a go.  I think it is something I can get quite addicted to – it’s really fun creating your own shapes!  Hopefully tonight I can take some pictures of my new pieces to post next – may have to use artificial light though as it is still raining!


Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet
Turquoise and Indian Kashmiri Bead Bracelet – sold in November on Etsy

Please have a browse around my Etsy shop and if you like what you see then please “LIKE” my shop.  I am uploading new styles and pieces every week.   Also while you’re at it, it would be great if you could ‘LIKE’ my Facebook page too!! J

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