Squeaky Cat!

I have four cats.  I know…..I am one cat away from being “crazy cat lady”. (I checked online, you definitely have to have 5 cats to qualify!)  I didn’t mean to have four cats; the last one was spontaneously adopted from the car park of my husband’s golf club…..  Cats love two things, well three if you count food; they love shiny things and they like sitting on things.  Now, when you have a bead workstation, in my case a dining room table, you are creating a veritable cat paradise.   Cats also hate one thing in particular, apart from dogs, and that is being ignored, boy do they hate that – so where your attention is, is exactly where they need to place themselves.  (I am sure my cats think my laptop is a butt warmer!) So if you are beading at the table, then that is the place to be for a cat.  One of cats, Squeaky (called so because when she meows she sounds like a rusty gate being opened) took this to the extreme and actually plonked herself down right on top of the very bead project I was working on.  She is a beautiful cat, but I fear has a brain the size of a pea….

Usually my workstation does not look quite so chaotic (in the pic above), but I had just obtained a consignment of new stock and was in a hurry to experiment with all of it!   And if you think the towel I was working on was the attraction….oh no no…bead trays are just as enticing!


Mission accomplished!!



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