So What’s Everyone Doing This Weekend?

It’s Friday afternoon and the weekend is almost upon us, what are your plans?  I think a small glass of wine after work may be in order to kick the weekend off!

Tomorrow we are having a good old fashioned South African braai (barbeque for any non-South Africans reading this).  I am hoping the Highveld thunderstorms keep at bay for the afternoon; fingers crossed its not a washout!  Having guests may mean that I need to tidy up my bead station, aka our dining table.  Although the chaotic sight of my entire collections of beads and findings scattered around our dining area fills me with cheer, it does tend to scare the crap out of other people, including my husband. Actually I think he just gets confused looking at it all….so he tends to walk past with blinkers on.  When I do beadwork I like to be able to see everything I have….literally everything…..

So I better do some tidying up tomorrow morning, although I will be leaving my finished pieces strategically out in case any of my guests have the urge to purchase some early Christmas presents šŸ™‚

Sunday will hopefully be devoted to beading, I have lots of ideas for some great Christmas gifts for a beadshow I am having at work in a couple of weeks….

Enjoy the weekend!

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